A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely


on December 14, 2016

Years of ptsd recovery and healing have helped me to live this life…A big part of this healing comes from recognizing triggers and in using skills in dealing with them.  Identifying triggers, in part, has allowed me:

-to sleep in my own house, in my own bed-learning which sounds are dangerous and which sounds are not

-to smell the scent of the rapist’s cologne and not fall directly into flashbacks (I use lemon essential oil to redirect the brain and move my body away from the scent)

-to learn the importance of “protecting” my right side from unknown sounds

-to not smell or drink certain tea

-to function in public settings and in private ones

…and millions of other moments…

I know that those who fight the ptsd demon understand.  And, I’m wondering if anyone else is struggling with the influx of people poking fun at those who are “triggered” with the US’s current political debacle.  As if being triggered is some sort of joke or source of weakness.  My friends, please know…You are the bravest, strongest people I know…battling always to live to fight to breathe… Keep fighting ❤


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