A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

You Are Worthy

on January 17, 2016

You are worthy.  You are enough. You are loved.

These messages came through today…part of a sermon I was paying slight attention to as my mind raced through anxieties upon anxieties…most of them being my catastrophizing things that haven’t happened (but could…see, that’s where my mind goes).  Yet, in hearing about water turned to wine and abundance, all of the sudden I clearly heard the message–“You are worthy. You are enough.  You are loved. Just as you are.”

I heard it, with tears in my eyes, feeling the burn of scars-physical and emotional…yet hearing it…without my mind racing…the only thought as I tuned in to what was being said was “Really….me???  But I’m such a mess.”  As S continued to speak, however, I could feel those words and began to hope that he was right.  Maybe I am worthy…maybe I am enough…maybe I am loved.

In emailing S afterward to ask if what he said is really, truly true…because I so desperately want to believe it…he assured me that it is…and that he and others will hold onto the knowledge and belief that I am all those things, even if I am not able to totally believe them yet.

I’ve held onto those words today…holding them in my heart and mind…taking those pieces and believing they may be true.

I am worthy.  I am enough.  I am loved.

And…you are, too.


4 responses to “You Are Worthy

  1. There are times I just wanna give up, when I do, I listen to worn by tenth aveune north or break every chain, my favorite version is tasha cobbs live (youtube). need you know or lord i’m ready now by plumb are great too. i really loved redeemed by big daddy weave though.
    I relate a lot to music and heal through it, which is why I went there. If you don’t know the music, I suggest checking it out if you get time.
    That’s the thing, we are worthy. It’s hard to see it sometimes, but we are worthy. God doesn’t make mistakes, and hurting yourself or others is like hurting him…… throwing the awesomeness that you are back in his face.
    I don’t know, thats what I think sometimes.
    Sorry, I just hopped on here and ranted away, lol, but I caught your words and stayed and listened. And now I feel a little more worth, a little more enough and a little more loved.
    thank you for that.

  2. Nice blog. Thank you for sharing. You may like my blog as well on healing and spirit and my upcoming novel:

  3. Juni Desireé says:

    Great message!

  4. timelesswheel says:

    We all are worthy. Only if we could believe and live it 🙂

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