A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

Old Truths…

on November 13, 2015

I used to make some statements about myself that I no longer can say are true…among them….

I don’t do breakfast.

I am happily married.

It’s the thoughts I used to carry…that I didn’t realize were ‘off’ or unhealthy…they were part of my inner voice for so long.  I am realizing they are not true.  And that angry, berating voice is no longer mine…when it returns, it sounds like my parents or my ex.  My voice is kinder and gentler–much more compassionate.  I can say that these are some things I know longer believe…and some of them, until I began to heal, I didn’t know I held as beliefs…they were such a part of me.

I’m worthless.

You’re unlovable.

My feelings don’t matter

It must be my fault

I can make him happy.

It’s not that bad.

You’re overreacting.

You’re an embarrassment.

You’re ugly.

You’re fat.

You’re lucky he doesn’t leave you.

You bruise easily.


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