A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

Bad-Ass Me

on February 13, 2014

I am channeling my inner bad ass.  The one who can fight Ed with both fists and her feet.  The one who knows I, yes I, am worthwhile.  The one who knows that a number on the scale doesn’t define me as a person…no more than asking the dresser if I am a good person.  I am fighting.  I am fighting to live.   To not be 100% focused on ‘getting better’ but on living.  To be getting better AND living.  Because, if I only focus on being sick or getting better, I lose my goal of living.  And so, I am listening to music as I blog this morning.  I have read positive affirmations.  I have helped my daughter with her homework.  I watched the weather and Olympic highlights.  I have a date tomorrow that I am looking forward to.  I am feeling the warmth of sunshine, even in these never-ending winter days.  I am getting out of the house…even when I would rather climb into bed and isolate.  I am keeping my appointments and taking my meds.  I am as close to meal plan as I have been in a while…even allowing myself dessert at book club last night–which got a smile and “good job” from a friend who knows my battles.  I am learning how to balance fighting mental illness and an eating disorder–and how to live while doing it.  The bad-ass me has come to the surface and is a great at saying “F^&* it!  I got this!!!!!”


3 responses to “Bad-Ass Me

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Very interested, Have a wonderful day friend 🙂

  2. hellokalykitty says:

    Yayyy !!!!! Go you !!!!

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