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Irritated…and a Bit Freaked Out

on February 7, 2014

Weight check today has me at 9lbs heavier than I was 2 weeks ago…Yes, it’s not ‘real’ weight and more of a water and medication variety, but it still freaks me out and gets Ed on his shouting match with my wise mind.  A few things….

No, Ed, I do not need a scale to monitor my own weight.

No, Ed, I really CAN trust my treatment team.

No, Ed, I do not need to fast for the next few days.

No, Ed, I do not need restrict my diet so much that water weight will come off.

No, Ed, I do not need to detox and use pills to rid myself of water weight.

No, Ed, laxatives will not cause weight loss…in fact, they will cause me to hold onto more water.

No, Ed…I do not need your help on this.  I can do my best to follow meal plan and be compliant with meds.  My weight will stabilize back to where it was by being consistent.

I needed to type it out to remind myself.  Because, just hearing it makes me think he’s right….even though I know he is 100% wrong.


2 responses to “Irritated…and a Bit Freaked Out

  1. Lori Lara says:

    good job. Keep telling yourself the truth…ED is a liar.

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