A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

“I Understand”

on December 22, 2013

Being open about this journey may be part of my mission…it’s also part of my healing.  In telling a friend from church that I was starting IOP and that I have incest in my background, she looked at me and, with tears in her eyes said “It’s in my past, too.”  As my tears fell and we hugged, she said “I understand”…and I believed her.  This is the first person I have met since learning about the abuse I suffered who I have told and also has it in their past.  Hearing “I understand” with such love, empathy and compassion was overwhelming.  She does understand.  She gets it!!  She knows flashbacks and tears and triggers…she knows desperation and rage and trying to find sure footing.  She gets it!!  I share my story as a way to reach out and let others know–You are not alone.  I receive messages and comments from readers and I think “I am not alone”…to hear “I understand”, from someone who truly does, is powerful…


One response to ““I Understand”

  1. ‘I understand’ two simple words but so unbelievable powerful. For those of us who have felt such isolation and thought no one would ever know the pain in our minds and in our hearts, it seems such a novelty. SOOOO grateful you spoke your truth to her. Such a great moment for you. A moment of true support and comfort. Soak it in. Take care of yourself!

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