A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

TriggersGiving…or Thanksgiving

on November 28, 2013

Thinking of my friends who are working their ways toward a difficult day in the ED world.  There are lots of holidays and various food gatherings that can trigger us or that may be difficult…Thanksgiving is the only holiday where the holiday really is the meal.  And, this is terrifying.

And so…my love, my hugs, my prayers to all who are battling.

My reminders–for you ….and for me:

Pre-plan–Have a ‘back-up plan’ with you…maybe  a cheese stick, some juice, a few cashews.  If Thanksgiving foods are just not going to happen, have something handy that can help you meet plan.

If there is something you can prepare so you know the ingredients, go with it!  If there is a safe food that can be shared, take that as well.

Take it each bite at a time.  Work at getting in meal plan…if something tastes good, take some bites.  A little over will not ‘blow’ your plan.

Breathe…and breathe again….

If you are being triggered or are struggling, reach out…is there a trusted family member or friend who can support you?  Maybe a text from a friend?

Thinking positive affirmations:  I can do this! I deserve to eat. I am becoming healthier and stronger.

Take a walk after eating…20-30 minutes after is good to help the food digest and to help keep it in.

If you have a comfort kit, have it nearby for journaling or to help calm your mind and body.

You can do this!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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