A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

I Did It!!!

on November 23, 2013

I traveled on my own and had an incredible time!!!  I met lots of new people, I ate meals with my new friends, I napped when I needed to.  I enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.  I drank my morning coffee with views of the Atlantic and saltwater breezes.  I swam with the dolphins….and it was amazing!!!  Tasting what it is like to live freely…is amazing….


Back to reality is difficult…arriving home in the midst of tornado sirens to the court documents, medical bills and auto insurance requests had reality slapping me in the face.  But, reality also includes the two children who had plenty of hugs and stories to tell…and so, I settle back into reality….I remember what it felt like to spend days without the pressure in my chest, to not know what time it was, to have no worries, to live in the moment.  And, I have taken that with me.  I have a life to live and I will not let that other ‘stuff’ take my life from me.


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