A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

A Good Day!!!

on November 25, 2012

YES!  Today was a good day!  It wasn’t without triggers, but I handled them well.  Self-care was the priority and I let myself be lazy today.  Well…lazy for me…I did get some Christmas shopping done, the kitchen measured for cabinets, some cleaning…but, I didn’t shower or get dressed until 2pm!  That’s lazy!  The evening was spent with a friend from IOP….first meeting at a tattoo parlor to discuss our plans for our ED recovery tattoos and then out to dinner at an Indian restaurant…where we ate!!!!  And, it tasted good!!!  My meal repertoire is fairly limited…so, attempting Indian food–at a restaurant–without nutritional information–is a big step.  I did it….we did it!  We enjoyed ourselves and we enjoyed the food.  I sat with my back toward an open room…not something I have done in a long while.  I usually have my back to a wall or get myself in position to ‘be ready’.  I didn’t do that tonight.   I am feeling refreshed and recharged.  I feel like me today.  I have laughed and smiled a lot today.  I am believing in me.  Relapsing this past week has shown me just how much I want recovery.  And, I am doing it!!!


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