A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

Yes, Virginia….there really is …. are…Sensory Flashbacks

on November 12, 2012

Live and learn.  Although I had not experienced flashbacks like the ones yesterday, apparently they do exist.


Sensory flashbacks:

This is described as feeling bodily sensations associated with the rape/assault. This type of flashback could manifest in the following ways:

~ You may feel as if you are being touched on any part of your body when in reality, there is no one there. This could range from feeling someone touch your arm to feeling as though someone is lying on top of you.

~ Depending on the severity of this experience, you may feel anxious, frightened, confused or that you are going mad, particularly if you do not understand what is happening to you, or if you try to consciously stop it happening and are unable to.

~ During this type of flashback you may re-experience the physical sensations and/or pain that you felt when being raped or assaulted.

~ These sensations could be experienced as happening anywhere on, or inside of your body.

~ This type of flashback can also include strong, overwhelming sensations of taste and/or smell.

Special thanks to those who reached out….and to my psychologist who worked through centering myself and allowing the flashbacks to surface.  More memories have come up…and this is just how this process goes.  As much as I keep thinking “Really…there cannot be any more!!!”….there is…and I am safe now…my brain can let go of the memories…it had done such a great job of protecting me.  I am safe now and the memories can surface.  I have people to support me as they surface.  I am safe.


4 responses to “Yes, Virginia….there really is …. are…Sensory Flashbacks

  1. This sent shivers down my spine and turned my stomach because I remember those so well. They will abate eventually. Hang in there and keep grounding and centering yourself!

    • Thank you for responding…it gives me such hope to know they will abate. It was horrifying to relive those sensations…I didn’t even know they were there. I can keep fighting the good fight.

      • You can, indeed, keep fighting the good fight. If you ever want ideas on how to center or ground yourself in tough moments, let me know! Heck, you could probably share a few with me, too!

      • I’d love ideas…I’m working on being in the current moment…feeling the breeze, digging my toes into the ground, concentrating on my breath, holding onto a rock or crucifix. I also added wall sits the other day. The part I struggle with is being able to get to that point in the midst of the flashback…it gets overwhelming so fast and my head (and body) are all over the place. I try to escape…I move, move, move…and distract.

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