A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

Bad Cop

on August 14, 2012

I am certain every treatment team has to have good cops and bad cops…and ED treatment is proving to follow suit.  Our bad cop comes in the form of a lean, mean nutritionist.  The question is always “What Would S Say?” and there are bracelets with WWSS that staff members wear (and patients can also buy…I have not bought one!!).  In yet another showdown over my counts, the letters in my head were not WWSS…but “FWSS” (F What S Says).  Infantile, maybe…but infantile was where I was!!!!

In a one-on-one conversation after group, S informed me that she comes on really strong because she knows what she’s up against…and in years and years of going up against the ED voices, she knows she has to come in ready to battle…because, ED is a nasty, sneaky, lying voice determined to undermine us.  I understand that…and I appreciate it.

But, if she starts dissecting my meals and then continues the conversation at the table (Rule #1–NO TALKING FOOD AT THE TABLE!), I may need to scream…not the ED voice, but my own!!!!!


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