A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

Standing On My Own Two Feet

on February 5, 2012

The line “Standing On My Own Two Feet” is probably overused but it seemed fitting to use as I was not able to ‘stand on my own two feet’ a few short months ago.  I can now…and the healing has been remarkable.  The lessons that have been bubbling to the surface, slapping me in the face and drift on by, have changed who I am as a person.  I now realize that there is the me I was before…the me I am now…and the me I am becoming.  This massive reflection  could be ‘par for the course’ in this world I live in…recovering from two (not one…but TWO!) brain surgeries in the last year, working through a neurological disorder, navigating through the dissolving of my marriage, parenting my children in the best and most positive ways…but I am beginning to see that maybe, just maybe, it’s not par for the course…it’s all happening for reasons beyond on my control and sometimes you just need to trust, to be open, to take it all in and stand on your own two feet.


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