A Journey from Victim to Survivor…to Living Freely

My Mom Had Brain Surgery and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

on February 5, 2012

Yes…I joked about creating and then found and purchased said t-shirt for my pre-schooler 😉  Because really…if you cannot laugh about brain surgery, is there anything funny left in this world???  Brain surgery is funny (once you take out the life and death aspect and all the other crazy ‘stuff’ that can and does happen).  Laughter may just be the best medicine…and I happily took doses of it daily as my brain failed me and my body…At 34, I should’ve been able to walk without stumbling or falling…and I couldn’t…it’s very sad…but also fairly funny.  I not only looked like a bruised apple, but like a drunkard most of my days.  Many people suggested I get a card to let the officers know that I had a neurological disorder and wasn’t intoxicated.  Not a bad plan…

But hey…that’s coming from the woman who prepared and then ate, brain jello (the jello mold was in the shape of a brain…I am not “that” person who serves brain…I need all the brain I can get–we are not about to eat it!!) prior to her lst surgery.  It’s all good!!!  As was the jello….

Planning for, being terrified by, pretending to be extremely strong, healing from, working through–brain surgeries–is something I’ve done and there is a process and so much to say on the topic…there will certainly be more posts about all of those aspects.


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